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Up, up and away with the new Kanstul Flying Tubas

Kanstul introduces the Model 903/5B and 904/5C 3/4 Flying Tubas.

As tubists know well, taking that big sound on the road comes with some big disadvantages. There are the airline policies and extra charges on oversized luggage, not to mention just fitting into the tight spaces that come with any kind of travel.

Now, with a full tuba sound that belies their 3/4 size, the Kanstul Flying Tubas free artists to focus more on the low notes and less on the lugging. The 903/5B (in BBb) and the 904/5C (in C) feature a threaded, removable bell, and pack into a custom-designed, wheeled SKB iSeries Waterproof Case, providing the ultimate in tuba protection and portability. And all this comes at no cost to the full Kanstul tuba sound resonating through the proprietary “live metal” copper alloy, based on the original York formula. They’re perfect for touring, doubling, pit orchestras and quintets.

Let your sound travel with the Kanstul Flying Tuba. Call us at 714-563-1000 or email sales@kanstul.com for more info.

“Little tuba, big sound”
— Beth Mitchell, Kanstul Artist and Clinician