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Trumpet Mouthpieces

Kanstul offers more models and options for trumpet mouthpieces today than any other mouthpiece manufacturer in the world. As an innovator, Kanstul pioneered the next generation of mouthpiece production back in 2000, with our revolutionary Renishaw scanner. For the first time, exact copies became available on any line of mouthpiece. Using a modular concept, players were now enabled to use different manufactures cups or backbores to offer an endless variety of choices.

This also led to another Kanstul innovation: the Mouthpiece Comparator. An extremely useful tool for the discerning artist, enabling them to visually see and overlap one cup or backbore with another, thus allowing the player to analyze the subtle difference in rim contour, cup shape and backbore taper. One of the first artists to avail themselves of the new technology was Wallace Roney, with his Gustat mouthpieces that Miles Davis had left him. So exact and beautiful was the copy of this mouthpiece that when the Sony corporation decided to have a special edition release of all of Miles’s recordings in a special trumpet case, they included a Kanstul replica Gustat mouthpiece with each one.

We now invite you, the player, to come into our site and see what a difference your mouthpiece can make in your quest for constant improvement of your sound and technique…especially if it is a Kanstul Precision Mouthpiece. All mouthpieces—including our modular cups and backbores—are in stock for immediate shipment, and include shipping to anywhere in the world.