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Kanstul Digital Scanning

Kanstul’s reverse engineering technology enables duplication of yesterday’s finest mouthpieces. Digital scanning uses 2,500 measurements per inch to guarantee the world’s most accurate mouthpiece duplication. We are building a library of the most popular models from the major manufacturers. Mouthpieces that are “special order” from other manufactures will be available from Kanstul. After scanning, the files are then stored on our computers for use in the future. We will be constantly adding to this library so check our website often for availability.


The one millimeter probe is first calibrated to ensure complete accuracy and precision. Next, the mouthpiece is scanned with the probe; first to center and straighten the mouthpiece; then to gather information about its shape. The ruby probe has a feather light touch and will not scratch the mouthpiece. The measurements are then processed into a file that the CNC lathes can read. Once a reproduction has been machined it is also scanned and compared to the original for authentication of accuracy.



Kanstul Precision Computer Machining

The finest computerized machinery available guarantees consistency.

High speed machining of the outside shape of a mouthpiece top.

Stamping of name and model number.

Transfer and cutoff from one spindle to another increase productivity.

Accuracy, consistency, and a fine finish are accomplished in one setup. This ensures that only a minimal amount of polishing is required prior to plating.