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Parts: Euphonium 985L

We accept parts orders in writing only – either by fax at 714-563-1661, or by email: sales@kanstul.com

Please include a description of the part, the finish and the serial number of the instrument.

Please note: Our Online Parts Catalog will be occasionally updated. If your instrument is not listed here please send us any available information (such as serial number and description) so that we may better help you.

Regarding F. Besson instruments: When inquiring about parts or service, please include a serial number and description of the horn. We only have parts for Kanstul-made Besson instruments.

Ref No. Description
1 Bottom Cap
2 Valve Spring
3 1st Valve Piston
3 2nd Valve Piston
3 3rd Valve Piston
3 4th Valve Piston
4 Guide
5 Stem
6 Felt
7 Top Cap
8 Finger Tip
Lyre Holder Screw
11 Mouthpipe Brace
12 Receiver
13 Mouthpipe
14 Ferrule
Ref No. Description
15 Branch 1
16 Ferrule
17 Bell Brace
18 Branch 2
19 Lyre Holder
20 Ferrule
Guard Wire
Tuning Slide Complete
A1 Waterkey Bumper (c)
Waterkey (a) **
Brace Socket
Brace Rod
1st Valve Slide Complete
B1 Waterkey Bumper (c)
Ref No. Description
B2 Waterkey (a) **
C 2nd Valve Slide Complete
Slide Knob
D 3rd Valve Slide Complete
D1 Waterkey Bumper (c)
D2 Waterkey (a) **
E 4th Valve Slide Complete
** Waterkey Assembly
W (b) Cork
W (d)  Screw
W (e) Spring
W (f) Bridge
W (g) Nipple