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One Piece Trumpet Mouthpieces, Kanstul Series

Kanstul Series One Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece

Kanstul 10 All around mouthpiece with comfortable rim and good volume in the cup for a smaller diameter mouthpiece.

Kanstul 3C Rounded rim that is slightly smaller than most 3C rims with a medium depth cup, and open throat and backbore. Nice full sound on an efficient mouthpiece.

Kanstul 5C Well rounded toward the inside and outside, fairly flat. For players with a strong embouchure who do not like a sharp edge. The tone is lively and rich.

Kanstul 7C Medium wide, lowered toward the outside. Medium sharp inside. Well rounded edge with a perfect grip. Probably the most widely used model in the world. Its brilliant tone is preferred by school musicians and by artists.

Kanstul Piccolo Easy playing piece for the Piccolo trumpet, large open #117 backbore for a great sound.

Model mm Decimal Fraction Throat Size Cup Depth Part # Price
Kanstul 10 15.25 0.595 19/32 #27 – .144″ Med. Deep 40026 $60.00
Kanstul 3C 16.60 0.653 21/32 #22 – .157″ Medium 40016 $60.00
Kanstul 5C 16.25 0.640 41/64 #27 – .144″ Medium 40306 $60.00
Kanstul 7C
16.20 0.638 41/64 #27 – .144″ Medium 40021 $60.00
Kanstul Piccolo
15.75 0.617 39.5/64 #29 – .136″ Med. Shallow 40051 $60.00

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