One Piece Cornet Mouthpiece G Series 2017-08-09T10:21:31+00:00

One Piece Cornet Mouthpiece, G Series

Gustat 1 Rounded inner rim, and medium depth cup which makes this a comfortable mouthpiece to play. Nice color to the sound.

Gustat 2 Designed for Miles Davis with a sharper inner bite than the Gustat 1, and with slightly more cup volume. Dark sound quality yet easy to play.

Model mm Decimal Fraction Throat Size Cup Depth Part # Price
Gustat 1 16.25 0.640 41/64 #27 – .144″ Medium 40012 $100.00
Gustat 2 16.00 0.631 40.5/64 #27 – .144″ Medium 40013 $100.00

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