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Model 903/5B BBb 3/4 Flying Tuba

Introducing the first professional 3/4 BBb tuba designed for travel. With it’s unique removable bell and specially designed case, you won’t need to worry about checking it in at the baggage counter. Kanstul artist Howard Miyata says it’s pefect for Dixieland gigs with his High Sierra Jazz Band or even in your favorite wind ensemble. It’s a big tuba sound that really travels.

MSRP $13,500 in lacquer finish; inquire for silverplate pricing

Key: Bbb
Bore: .656″ – .689: ROTOR .710
Bell: 16″ Diameter
Valves: Four Monel – One Rotary
Valve Guides: Plastic
Water Keys: Traditional
Finish: Lacquer or Bright Silver Plate

  • Two piece special alloy bell
  • Hand lapped pistons
  • Front action
  • Bottom sprung pistons
  • Fifth rotary valve
  • Removable valve section
  • Detachable bell

Part #:#40325
Model: Kanstul 18 Tuba


Model: Special SKB iSERIES Waterproof


Kanstul Factory Warranty