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Model 902-4B 3/4 BBb Concert Tuba

Properly positioned mouthpipe and front action valves make this 3/4 BBb model perfect for advancing students, while the excellent intonation and full rich sound will appeal to the adult hobbyist. The Model 902/4B features a big sound in a compact tuba.

MSRP $8,375 in lacquer finish, $9,210 in silverplate

Key: BBb
Bore: .689″
Bell: 16″ Diameter
Valves: Four Monel
Valve Guides: Plastic
Water Keys: Three Traditional
Finish: Clear Lacquer

  • Two Piece Yellow Brass Bell
  • Hand Lapped Pistons
  • Front Action
  • Bottom Sprung Pistons
  • Removable Valve Section

Part #: 40325
Model: Kanstul 18 Tuba

Part #: 50700
Model: 3/4 Tuba Case

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