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Model 5480 F 5/4 The Grand F Tuba

A new type of F tuba, the Kanstul Model 5480 Grand F is fast becoming the new standard for F tubas.  With it’s “York” live metal formula and “Grand” size, it is helping to take the F tuba from the realm of “solo” instrument into the realm of an orchestral instrument able to fill the finest concert halls with sound. Used by John Van Houten (Hollywood studios) and Robert Carpenter (Orlando Symphony) its sound is catching the attention of many ears, including the president of Yale University. Having received all three models of Grand tubas from a generous donor, Yale’s president commented on the enormous magnificent sound the Kanstul Grand tubas have produced in their band.

MSRP $15,450 in lacquer finish; inquire for silverplate pricing

Note: mouthpiece and case are additional.

Key: F
Bore: .750″ / .782″ 4th / .812″ Rotor
Bell: 17″
Valves: Four Pistons, One Rotor
Water Keys: Traditional
Finish: Clear Lacquer


  • Special Alloy Bell
  • Hand Lapped Monel Pistons
  • Bottom Sprung
  • Removable Valve Section
  • Front Action
  • Full Bore 5th Rotary Valve
  • Fully Adjustable Thumb Ring and Rotor Paddle
  • Does Not Include Case Or Mouthpiece
  • Height – 37″

Kanstul Factory Warranty

Robert Carpenter

“The Kanstul 5480 5/4 F-tuba is my main solo horn and orchestral F tuba. With a big rich sound, this tuba is dynamic and smooth. Its excellent intonation, and even sound throughout all registers, make the 5480 great for F-tuba work in solos, quintet or orchestra. As an American F-tuba, this tuba is unique, possessing qualities that are distinctly warm and powerful. The 5490 blends beautifully with other instruments, while providing the clarity desired for solo playing.”


Robert Carpenter, Principal Tuba, Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra