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Model 700 Bb Trumpet, Entry-Level

Designed for the hobbyist, semi-pro or advanced student, this model will hold its own alongside more expensive horns. Durability is built right in, and the Model 700 will withstand the abuse and neglect often associated with younger musicians. Made with the same care and high-grade materials as all our horns, the Model 700 comes with Kanstul playability and will provide years of trouble-free enjoyment.

MSRP $1,305 in lacquer finish, $1,485 in silverplate

Key: Bb
Bore: .460″
Bell: Hand Hammered Brass – 4 7/8″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: No. 25
Valves: Monel
Valve Guides: Metal
Slides: Brass
Water Keys: Two Amado
Intonation: 1st Slide Saddle, 3rd Slide Ring
Finish: Clear Lacquer


  • Hand Hammered Yellow Brass Bell
  • Hand Lapped Pistons
  • Top Sprung Pistons
  • 3rd Slide Stop

Part #: 40021
Model: Kanstul 7C


Part #: 50005
Model: Molded Plastic Trumpet Case


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