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1603+ Bb Wallace Roney Model Trumpet


Trumpeter Wallace Roney has earned his status amongst the jazz elite by playing with the greatest artists in history, such as Tony Williams, Ornette Coleman, Herbie Hancock, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter and of course his mentor, Miles Davis. His trumpet of choice is the legendary Martin Committee given to him by Miles. Wallace insists that he plays Martin not only because of Miles’s influence but because he’s tried every trumpet out there, putting them through the test of scales, arpeggios, evenness, articulation, and most important—sound—and he found the Martin Committee the best. Now, with the release of the Kanstul 1603, we have a faithful recreation of the classic Committee, and players everywhere can experience the magic of the horn preferred by Miles, Dizzy, Roy Eldridge, Fats Navarro, Chet, Blue Mitchell, Maynard, Kenny Dorham, Art Farmer, and classical trumpeter Armando Ghittila.

As Wallace says about his Kanstul Model 1603+, “This is absolutely the best horn I’ve ever played—it has the playing characteristics of the classic horn given to me by Miles. It plays immaculately, like the best Committee you could find. In this trumpet I hear the sound of the greats, and the sound of the future.”

Pictured is the Model 1603+ in an available Midnight Blue lacquer finish. Pricing includes your choice of other color lacquers, clear lacquer, or silver plating. We can quote gold plating upon request.

FACTORY PRICE $5,500 in choice of any finish except gold; inquire for goldplate

Key: Bb
Bore: Martin #3
Bell: 5 1/4″ special annealing on bell and bell bead-one-piece handhammered
Mouthpipe: Martin continuous tapered mouthpipe going into a hand drawn-hand bent continuous tapered tuning slide
Valves: Monel
Valve guides: Metal
Slides: Nickel with reverse configuration on all slides including the 2nd
Innerslides: Nickel
Water Keys: Two side mount
Intonation: Customized by Wallace — 1st and 3rd slide triggers
Finish: Your Choice (except goldplate)
Choices: Clear Lacquer; Gold Lacquer; Midnight Blue Lacquer; Scratch Finish; Silverplate or any combination of these.

  • Hand Hammered Yellow Brass
  • Hand Lapped Pistons
  • Top Sprung Pistons
  • Martin Main Braces

Part #: 40014
Model: Gustat #2 Goldplate

Part #: 50891
Model: Kanstul Deluxe Gladstone

Kanstul Factory Warranty

Wallace Roney

“This is absolutely the best horn I’ve ever played. It plays immaculately, like the best Committee you could find. In this trumpet I hear the sound of the greats, and the sound of the future”

Wallace Roney
Bill Bodine

”When the legendary Peggy King and Steve Love, audio specialist for Wynton Marsalis Cape May Jazz Concert, tell you “…you have the greatest trumpet sound I have ever heard,” you know you have an incredible trumpet. For someone who has owned great horns—even a gold-plated Martin Committee owned by Wallace Roney—I tell you the Kanstul “Committee” Model 1603+ may be the greatest trumpet ever made. And, as if it were frosting on the cake, the valves are also lightning fast and smooth as silk.”

Bill Bodine