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Model 1600 Bb Trumpet

The Model 1600 was developed with Los Angeles big band and studio work in mind. It sounds warm and lyrical in the staff, but will really sizzle in the upper register when you want it to. Easy blowing and agile, this trumpet features a lightweight yellow brass bell carefully balanced with a special mouthpipe and medium large bore.

Formerly known as the “WB” Model, this trumpet was designed for the fabulous Wayne Bergeron whose sound can be heard on numerous soundtracks, jingles and the Big Phat Band. Other notable players include John Christianson of Reel Big Fish, Jumaane Smith (lead, Michael Buble), Bob Viavattine (Al Chez & the Brothers of Funk Big Band) and the great Walt Johnson. A Zig Kanstul Signature trumpet!

MSRP $3,750 in lacquer finish, $3,950 in silverplate

Note: mouthpiece and case are additional.

Key: Bb
Bore: .460″
Bell: Hand Hammered One Piece Yellow Brass – 4 7/8″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: Special “WB”
Valves: Monel
Valve Guides: Metal
Slides: Nickel
Water Keys: Two Amado
Intonation: 1st and 3rd Slide Rings
Finish: Scratch Brush Lacquer

  • Hand Hammered One Piece Yellow Brass Bell
  • Hand Lapped Pistons
  • Top Sprung Pistons
  • 1st and 3rd Slide Stops

Part #: 40016
Model: Kanstul 3C

Part #: 50891
Model: Deluxe Gladstone Hard Shell

Kanstul Factory Warranty

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Jonathan Rickman

Craig Tweddell

Craig Kenney and Rob Deiner

Nils Nohturfft

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