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Model 1505 Bb Rotary Trumpet

The Model 1505 Bb rotary trumpet features a 5 1/2″ diameter one piece bronze bell, giving it a big orchestral sound that’s full and centered. The tapered .437″ – .453″ bore gives it stable intonation and even response throughout the full range of the trumpet. It has a dark, lyrical quality that is perfect for both exposed passages and for section playing. The late Fred Mills was a big fan of these rotary models.

Three interchangeable mouthpipes offering various playing characteristics are included.

MSRP $6,940 in lacquer finish, $7,210 in silverplate

Key: Bb
Bore: Tapered .437″ to .453″
Bell: Hand Hammered One Piece Bronze – 5 1/2″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: Three Interchangeable
Valves: Brass
Slides: Nickel
Water Keys: Two Traditional
Intonation: 3rd Slide Push Rod
Finish: Clear Lacquer

  • Hand Hammered One Piece Bronze Bell
  • Three Interchangeable Mouthpipes
  • Genuine Zirnbauer Rotary Valves
  • Optional Vienna Keys Available

Part #: 40016
Model: Kanstul 3C

Part #: 50025
Model: Deluxe Gladstone Hard Shell Case

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