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Model 1502 Bb Trumpet

Inspired by a classic Hollywood favorite, this is the natural choice for the commercial player who wants to really shine! Perfect for lead work, it has no trouble rising to the top of an ensemble sound when needed.

The popular no. 2 mouthpipe gives this trumpet added dynamic range that’s so important at live venues, while the famous no. 1S bell timbre “grabs the mic” perfectly in the booth or on the bandstand. For years, studios across Southern California have relied upon one classic Hollywood design to provide the excitement they were looking for in a recorded trumpet sound. This legacy lives on in our version, bringing Kanstul quality and service to a new generation of studio artists.

Set up to give an efficient response, this horn affords the player the extra control and precision necessary to get that “first take”. Its classic bell design ensures focused projection and a sound quality that recording engineers love.

MSRP $3,600 in lacquer finish, $3,805 in silverplate

Note: mouthpiece and case are additional.

Key: Bb
Bore: .460″
Bell: No. 1S Hand Hammered Yellow Brass – 4 7/8″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: No. 2
Valves: Monel
Valve Guides: Metal
Slides: Nickel
Water Keys: Two Amado
Intonation: 1st and 3rd Slide Rings
Finish: Bright Silver Plate

  • Hand Hammered One Piece Yellow Brass Bell
  • Hand Lapped Pistons
  • Top Sprung Pistons
  • 1st and 3rd Slide Stops
  • Also available with No. 7 Mouthpipe as the Kanstul Model 1501

Part #: 40016
Model: Kanstul 3C

Part #: 50891
Model: Deluxe Gladstone Hard Shell

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