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Model 140 Bb Slide Trumpet

The new Kanstul Model 140 Bb slide trumpet was designed and tested by top LA studio players. This horn is practical for all-around playing but especially useful as a ballad horn for the jazz soloist. While a standout feature is its lyrical upper register, this horn is also capable of fiery and flashy work!

The combination 72 bell and no. 25-O mouthpipe will be familiar to most trumpet players, and the intuitive 3rd and 4th position on the handslide make this an easy doubler for the trombone enthusiast.

Also available with large throat bell as the Model 150 Soprano Trombone.

MSRP $1,655 in lacquer finish, $1,825 in silverplate


Key: Bb
Bore: .460″
Bell: 5″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: 25-O Removable
Slides: Nickel
Water Keys: Traditional
Finish: Clear Lacquer


  • No. 72 One Piece Brass Bell
  • Nickel Hand Slide and Cork Barrels
  • Full Seven Position Hand Slide With Wide Wrap
  • Removable Mouthpipes – For Cornet or Trumpet Shank Mouthpiece


Part #: 40041
Model: CG 3


Part #: 50825
Model: Gladstone Soprano Trombone Case


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