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Model 970 Bb/F Large Bore Tenor Trombone

The Model 970 is our basic professional large bore tenor trombone. From the high school player, to the adult hobbyist, to the working pro on a budget, this horn can be the perfect working axe for the busy musician.

A wide hand slide and large taper 8 1/2″ diameter bell give this horn has a broad, stable sound. The light hand-fitted slide and one piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell, make its response is fast and easy. The .562″ F-attachment has a graceful open wrap and conventional solid core rotor has a short throw and an adjustable paddle for user comfort. The Model 970 is especially well-suited for the developing trombonist.

MSRP $2,680 in lacquer finish, $2,980 in silverplate

Key: Bb/F
Bore: .547″ Slide – .562″ F Section
Bell: 8 1/2″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: Fixed
Valves: .562″ Conventional Rotor
Water Keys: Traditional
Finish: Clear Lacquer

  • Hand Hammered One Piece .020″ Yellow Brass Bell
  • .562″ F Section
  • Conventional Rotor
  • Open Wrap

Part #: 40501
Model: Kanstul 6-1/2AL-L Bass Trombone

Part #: 50810
Model: Pro Tec Tenor Trombone Case

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