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Model 760 Bb/F Tenor Trombone

The agile Model 760 trombone begins with the basic design of the 750, but we’ve added a sleek open wrap F-attachment (with pull to E), and a .500″ – .530″ dual bore slide for a more open feel and a sonorous tone with a greater dynamic range. The F-attachment trigger position is adjustable and can be customized for your comfort. Even at this price, the bell is hand hammered and hand spun by our best craftsmen. The slide is hand fitted for smooth and silent action.

The Model 760 is not only a great horn for the younger- to intermediate player, but many advanced players use it as a commercial horn for pit orchestras, shows, and anything needing a smaller bore instrument but with the technical agility that the F-attachment adds. Includes a genuine Kanstul 12C mouthpiece, and a Pro Tec case.

MSRP $2,205 in lacquer finish, $2,490 in silverplate

Key: Bb/F
Bore: .500 – .530″
Bell: 8″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: Fixed
Valves: .530″ Conventional Rotor
Slides: Nickel
Water Keys: Traditional
Finish: Clear Lacquer (Silver plate is pictured)

  • Hand Hammered Two Piece Yellow Brass Bell
  • .530″ F Section
  • Nickel Hand Slide End Crook
  • Conventional Rotor
  • Open Wrap

Part #: 40700
Model: Kanstul 12C Trombone

Part #: 50810
Model: Pro Tec Tenor Trombone Case

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