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Model 450 Eb Alto Trombone

An original Kanstul design inspired by trombones that Larry Minick used to build in Los Angeles a few decades ago.

This is a beautiful playing horn that doesn’t get bright in the low range, has a warm sound with excellent pitch. The learning curve is easy on this one, and players tell us that they find it easy to control. The Model 450 blends well with the larger tenor trombones.

The first one off the line went to Kyle Covington, principle trombonist of the San Diego Symphony.

MSRP $2,090 in lacquer finish

Key: Eb
Bore: .500″
Bell: 6 1/2″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: Removable
Slides: Nickel
Finish: Clear Lacquer


  • One Piece Bronze Bell
  • Nickel Cork Barrels and Hand Slide
  • Removable Mouthpipe
  • Special Reverse Tuning Slide
  • Elaborate Bell Engraving
  • Distinctive Bracing
  • Custom Hard Case Made in Los Angeles

Part #: 40700
Model: Kanstul 12C Trombone


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