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Model 1662i Bb/F/Gb/D Double Bass Trombone

Kanstul’s Model 1662i is the inline version of the Model 1662. The independent CR rotors mounted on the neckpipe allow a myriad of alternative positions for the technically astute player. To aid neck clearance, the 1662i is offered with a wider hand slide. A standard width hand slide, which weighs slightly less, is available by request. Many commercial players prefer this inline option, as the bell branch taper starts a bit later, and the player can compress the airwave against this a bit, to manipulate the tone and dynamics with less effort.

Phil Keen won the Long Beach, California symphony position on his 1662i. Phil can also be heard on many motion picture soundtracks, including The Green Lantern, Despicable Me 2 and Disney’s The Lone Ranger.

MSRP $5,555 in lacquer finish, $5,965 in silverplate

Key: Bb/F/Gb/D
Bore: .562″ Slide – .593″ F/D Attachment
Bell: 9 1/2″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: Interchangeable
Valves: Two .593″ Kanstul CR Valves In-line
Water Keys: Traditional
Finish: Clear Lacquer

  • Hand Hammered One Piece .020″ Bronze Bell
  • .593″ F/D Section with Full Bore Independent CR Rotors
  • In-Slide Tuning
  • Nickel Hand Slide End Crook
  • Open Wrap
  • Three Interchangeable Mouthpipes – C, GR and 62
  • Additional Mouthpipes Available
  • 4 1/8″ Wide Hand Slide

Part #: 40499
Model: Kanstul 1-1/2G Bass Trombone


Part #: 50809
Model: Pro Tec Bass Trombone Case


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