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Model 1585 Bb/F/Gb/D Double Bass Trombone

For the player who prefers tradition, the Model 1585 bass trombone offers traditional in-bell tuning and a symphony-worthy sound.

This professional instrument includes a 9 1/2″ diameter one piece yellow brass bell, wide hand slide built with our own lightweight nickel slide sleeves and three removable mouthpipes. Dual full bore CR rotors feature a resonant lightweight design, and have a very short throw. These open-feel valves are placed in-line on the neckpipe and do not affect the low range response. This inline setup gives the most technical options – always a plus for the soloist and commercial player. The distinctive wrap allows maximum neck clearance and optimum balance, while the medium radius crooks and extra bracing improve tonal center and response. Both trigger paddles are adjustable. Included are three removable mouthpipes.

MSRP $5,670 in lacquer finish, $6,080 in silver-plate. Add for Thayer valve option: $1,260 (no discount).

Key: Bb/F/Gb/D
Bore: .562″ Slide – .593″ F/D Attachment
Bell: 9 1/2″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: Interchangeable
Valves: Two .593″ Kanstul CR Valves In-line
Water Keys: Traditional
Finish: Clear Lacquer

  • Hand Hammered One Piece .020″ Yellow Brass Bell
  • .593″ F/D Section with Full Bore CR Rotors
  • Three Interchangeable Mouthpipes – OL, H and B
  • Additional Mouthpipes Available

Part #: 40499
Model: Kanstul 1-1/2G Bass Trombone

Part #: 50809
Model: Pro Tec Bass Trombone Case

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