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Model 50-G G Regulation Bugle

This model is currently being used by the United States Marine Corps, the Patriot Brass Ensemble and the Blue Eagles Total Force Honor Guard at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, California. A special variation of this horn was commissioned by The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band of Texas A&M University for use in the elite “Bugle Rank” by senior cadets. These bugles can also be heard at West Point, played by the famous Hellcats, the oldest continually operating military band in the USA.

FACTORY PRICE $245 in lacquer finish, $290 in silverplate (add $60 for Protec gig bag case, $60 for Kanstul 7C or 3C mouthpiece)

Key: G
Bore: .462″
Bell: Hand Hammered Brass – 4 7/8″ Diameter
Slides: Brass
Water Keys: Amado Water Key
Finish: Bright Silver Plate

  • Hand Hammered Bell
  • Trumpet Shank Mouthpiece Receiver
  • Traditional Water Key Available On Request

Kanstul Factory Warranty

The Regulation G Bugle I recently purchased is the finest bugle I have ever played. Since retiring from the Air Force in 1997, my playing has been pretty much dedicated to participating in military functions. A great deal of those functions have been participating in military funeral honors around Arizona. I always thought that I could get a better, richer, more full sound out of a bugle without relying on mouthpiece changes. Well, I found it. My days of playing the bugle have changed forever. The sound I get out of that bugle was for me, in my humble opinion, world class. Full, rich, wide open, big, and resonating don’t even do justice to this sound. Range came easy, and the notes literally poured out the bell. The moment was so special for me, I found myself closing my eyes, and projecting myself to long ago places while playing TAPS full bore. What a sound.
James Duprey
I recently ordered the Regulation G bugle in silver. I could not be happier with the bugle. The quality and craftsmanship is excellent. Thank you for producing such a quality instrument.
David Swaney