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Model 201 BBb 4/4 Marching Tuba

BBb Full size 4/4 marching tuba with full, rich sound and great projection. Outstanding intonation is achieved with the tune-any-note feature. Also available as the Model 201C convertible model for concert band use.

Kevin Williams of the Regiment Horns plays this one on stage, backing Justin Timberlake on his 2013 tour.

MSRP $8,205 in lacquer finish, $9,310 in silverplate

Key: BBb
Bore: .656″
Bell: 19″ Diameter
Valves: Three Valves – Monel
Valve Guides: Plastic
Slides: Brass
Water Keys: Traditional
Intonation: Features Tune-Any-Note Slide
Finish: Bright Silver Plate


  • Two Piece Bell
  • Hand Lapped Pistons
  • Bottom Sprung Pistons
  • Lyre Holder
  • Removable Valve Section
  • Removable Bell

Part #: 40701
Model: Kanstul 24AW Tuba


Part #: 50701
Model: 4/4 Tuba Case


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