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From the archives: Kanstul produces Miles Davis mouthpiece for Sony/BMG

In 2008, Sony was preparing the release of a comprehensive retrospective of Miles Davis’s music under their Legacy Recordings label.

The Miles Davis “Legacy” mouthpiece was produced exclusively for Sony and is an exact replica of Miles’ own mouthpiece. Kanstul was chosen because of the attention to detail and authenticity that Sony/BMG required, and that any tribute to Miles deserves. These mouthpieces were a limited run and were not available anywhere except with the limited edition Miles Davis Deluxe Box Set series. Only 2,000 mouthpieces were made.

The original press release details why Kanstul was chosen for this unique project:

Kanstul uses modern technology which utilizes sophisticated imaging equipment to accurately measure and duplicate any existing mouthpiece. A small ruby probe glides gently over the interior of the mouthpiece providing over a thousand diameter measurements, a level of accuracy unsurpassed within the music industry. The CNC (Computer Numeric Control) lathe takes the data from the digital scan to machine a highly-finished duplicate mouthpiece that requires little or no buffing.