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Custom Mouthpieces

Have you ever wanted a “7C” rim with a “14A4” cup ? Well now you can have it or just about any other design you have in mind. Contact us at mouthpieces@kanstul.com for more information, or to make an appointment.

The Kanstul Powerpiece

The “Powerpiece” is a heavy weighted mouthpiece that offers interchangeable backbores.

This allows the performer to switch between heavy and standard weights or from trumpet to cornet at will. They can be produced with any of our standard designs or as a custom duplication of your mouthpiece. All are custom made to order. The heavy weighted design gives a darker sound and helps notes to “slot” better. As well, it may allow a performer to play at louder volumes with less distortion of sound quality.

The Woody Cup

The Woody Cup is constructed with a two-piece design. The brass rim allows the performer to have the same feel on their chops as their traditional mouthpiece. The backbore section is interchangeable with our standard tops. The cup section is made from “Diamond Wood”. The characteristics of these mouthpiecs are a dark, warm sound. Many recording artists use the “Woody” because todays digital microphones amplify the high overtone series and cause the resulting recording to be too bright. The “Woody” alleviates this problem. Also they look really cool 🙂 All “Woodys” are custom made to order and can be made from any of our stock model designs or duplicated from your origional (there may be additional charges for custom duplications, call for information.)

The “Woody” cup is $130.00 with silver plated rim; and is threaded to fit both our modular backbores and Warburton backbores.