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Bass Trombone Mouthpieces

One Piece Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

Kanstul 1-1/2G Bass Trombone Medium wide and well rounded rim. A large mouthpiece with powerful tone in the low register and great carrying power. The standard mouthpiece for the serious bass trombone player.

Kanstul 2A Contra Bass Trombone Designed with the contra bass trombone in mind. Large, sonorous tone quality.

Kanstul 6-1/2AL-L Bass Trombone Medium wide and well rounded rim. Full, rich sound that has become a standard for bass trombone players. Large shank.

Kanstul GR Bass Trombone Designed by George Roberts—Mr. Bass Trombone himself—for an exquisite bass trombone sound.

Model mm Decimal Fraction Throat Size Cup Depth Part # Price
Kanstul 1-1/2G Bass Trombone 27.00 1.078 1-1/16 .276″ Deep 40499 $80.00
Kanstul 2A Contra Bass Trombone 29.80 1.176 1-3/16 .330″ Very Deep 40590 $95.00
Kanstul 6-1/2AL-L Bass Trombone 25.40 1.000 1 G – .261″ Deep 40501 $80.00
Kanstul GR Bass Trombone 27.80 1.098 1-3/32 N – .302″ Deep 40500 $85.00

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