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A. William (“Bill”) Bodine Appointed Director of Kanstul Artists Group

Anaheim, California, July 15, 2017 – Kanstul Musical Instruments announced today the appointment of A. William (“Bill”) Bodine as Director of the company’s newly-formed Kanstul Artists Group. This initiative is part of Kanstul’s ongoing commitment to supporting the professional playing community with the instruments and expertise that the company is, among brasswind makers today, uniquely capable of providing.

In making the announcement, Mark Kanstul, company President, said: “Bill Bodine brings a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience to this position. He is a gifted musician who played with Rafael Mendez and Henry Mancini in earlier years. He is a globally recognized financial expert as former President of the New York Society of Security Analysts and served as Group Head/Managing Director of J.P. Morgan’s Investment Advisory Group. He also possesses great interpersonal skills necessary to work with our Kanstul Artists and those we wish to invite to become Kanstul Artists.”

VP of Sales and Marketing Jack Kanstul added: “This appointment comes at a great time for us as we seek to build on the legacy of our late father, Zig Kanstul, who is recognized as a great master of the art of horn building. Bill also will work closely with Scott Birdsall, a friend of many years who serves as our Marketing Communications Director, as we seek to capitalize on our unique strengths to move our company forward in a very competitive and rapidly changing world.”

Jack continued: “We are proud of our great heritage and remain determined to carry on the guiding principles of our father: a great sound, superior functionality, and lasting durability in all our brass instruments. Bill Bodine understands our history and is a welcomed addition to the Kanstul musical family.”