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The Kanstul Story

In 1981, Zigmant Kanstul founded Kanstul Musical Instruments, building fine brasswinds both under his own name and for venerable marques like F. Besson. But the story didn’t start there. Zig’s career as a brassmaker began in 1952, at F.E. Olds & Son in Los Angeles. There, he apprenticed and honed his skills under the direction of Foster A. Reynolds, a giant in the history of brasswind design and manufacturing. In 1970, after 18 years at Olds, eventually leading R&D and production, Zig left to assume the position of Vice President at King Musical Instruments, in charge of the Benge Trumpet factory. He subsequently became Vice President of Manufacturing for C.G. Conn. more

The most complete line of brasswinds
made in the USA

We have always taken a “player-centric” approach to the design of our brasswinds, building for the needs of players in all categories of performance. Our entire selection of instruments is based on Zig’s unique understanding of the science of resonance in the tapered tube and its application to musicality in every type of brass voicing and playing situation, from the piccolo trumpet to the 5/4 tuba. Our commitment to the art of fine brassmaking resonates in every instrument we build.

1603+ Wallace Roney Model



The Last of the Great Masters



A Tribute to Zig



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Wallace Roney

“This is absolutely the best horn I’ve ever played—it has the playing characteristics of the classic horn given to me by Miles. It plays immaculately, like the best Committee you could find. In this trumpet I hear the sound of the greats, and the sound of the future”

Wallace Roney
Steve Maass

“(The Model 1088 Bass Trumpet) looks terrific, sounds amazing, and feels great! The tone is rich & full throughout all registers, and the intonation is superb. I can slam into the upper register with ease, or play delicately with a brilliant tone, and little kickback.”

Steven Maass

Plays like a go-kart…it just goes!

Howard Miyata, Educator and Freelance Tubist
Bill Bodine

”When the legendary Peggy King and Steve Love, audio specialist for Wynton Marsalis Cape May Jazz Concert, tell you “…you have the greatest trumpet sound I have ever heard,” you know you have an incredible trumpet. For someone who has owned great horns—even a gold-plated Martin Committee owned by Wallace Roney—I tell you the Kanstul “Committee” Model 1603+ may be the greatest trumpet ever made. And, as if it were frosting on the cake, the valves are also lightning fast and smooth as silk.”

Bill Bodine

“The Kanstul 5480 5/4 F-tuba is my main solo horn and orchestral F tuba. With a big rich sound, this tuba is dynamic and smooth. Its excellent intonation, and even sound throughout all registers, make the 5480 great for F-tuba work in solos, quintet or orchestra. As an American F-tuba, this tuba is unique, possessing qualities that are distinctly warm and powerful. The 5490 blends beautifully with other instruments, while providing the clarity desired for solo playing.”

Robert Carpenter, Principal Tuba, Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra